Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Winter Festival 2012

I am please to announce that we are having our First Annual Winter Festival Cart Sale/Mini Hunt brought to you by Pillows & Things and Brandy's Boutique.

Winter Festival Cart Sale
November 19th - December 10th
Theme: All Things Winter

Some Standards to Follow for Carts:
*Standard Carts are 10 prim @ 250L

*Items in Cart Sale must be at least 25% off the original price.

*Only one Business to a Standard Cart, sharing a cart with business partners is ok, but cart prim-age must be followed.

*Items must stay within the boundary of the cart.

*Everything must be of your own creation.

*No Scripts in Vendors. (Only your Logo/Info. Giver- Provided)

*Please Advertise in your Groups about this Great Event

Standard to Follow for Mini Hunt:
*Mini Hunt is not mandatory.

*Each Cart owner will get 2 ornaments to hide anywhere in the Winter Festival area.

*Ornaments will be set for sale for 1L.

If you agree to the above Standards please Fill out the form at the following Link Application
and Placed in Red Mail Box at the SLURL provided
Winter Festival Cart Sale Application Drop Off Only
(Just turn around when you rez)

Thank you,
Alissa Serenity
Brandy Birge